- moving in a smooth and attractive way; having a smooth and pleasing shape or style; polite or kind


I'm reminded Pilates is a lifestyle; not just an exercise method to practice a couple times a week. I agree with Joseph Pilates ideal of a balanced lifestyle. It's not complicated. Value your health, your mind, your body and spirit. Let's live Pilates and experience "the ecstasy of living".


Mat Pilates

To an outside observer, a mat Pilates class may seem pretty harmless. Most mat exercises are performed on your back or your tummy without any equipment. Every mat Pilates move, however, depends on principles such as concentration, control, fluidity, breath and balance. Through a strong mind-body connection, your muscles become toned and you improve your overall ability to execute coordinated movements. Specific to mat exercises is the fact they are proven most helpful to people with back care issues.


Chair Pilates

Chair is a little secret that is still gaining ground with the reformer folks.  You can achieve a full body workout,  just utilizing the chair.  If you've never tried it, you are welcome to explore it with me.  It's more fun that you might think.



Total Body Resistance Exercise, or it's more popular name "TRX", is a full body workout using your own body for resistance.  Also, with unstable straps, it forces you to stabilize with your core or power house.  We can get into the deepest squat using the TRX.  It will get you strong quickly.  And definitely give you the confidence to wear your favorite shorts!

30th Aug 2016

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KayLee, really? #reformer #pilates #bridge #bridgeinterrupted #dog #doglife #gracefulpilates

22nd Aug 2016

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It starts NOW️. What's getting your heart rate up this week#startsnow #trampoline #findingmyway #cardio #getyourbloodpumping #letsgo #healthfirst #gracefulpilates #cat #petstagram

24th Jul 2016

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Get it done #likeaboss ! I love the determination in his face. We wanted to work his obliques in a way that would take pressure off his spine. This one...

23rd Jul 2016

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"Grasshopper, there is much I can teach you." #doglife #reformer #pilates #dog #love #gracefulpilates #livermore

21st Jul 2016

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So you covet your clients eyebrows. And you try to mimic them as best you can, subconsciously, the day she has an appointment. Then you TELL her what you've done....

20th Jul 2016

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Boy time! Reformer with long box. Using the jump board as a platform. Hands lined up with shoulders, and elbows pointing into the well. Breath – push. Inhale, return home....

14th Jul 2016

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I have two slots open tonight in my beginner/intermediate Pilates classes. One opening in 6pm and one slot open at 7pm. Message me if you want in🏼 #Livermore #livermorepilates #livermoreexercise...

14th Jul 2016

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How many Pilates instructors out there say "lift into your high heel" during footwork on the reformer? Well, I'm one of them. I say it all the time – even...